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To further support the Health Access Assister profession, NAHAA offers these resources.

  • In the Loop is an online community where people who are engaged in helping individuals enroll in health insurance can interact with others doing similar work.

  • Use the resources from Enroll America at Families USA for historical context and research about the importance of consumer assistance.

  • Young Invincibles provide updates, a national enrollment coalition and a consumer assistance appointment setting tool.

  • The Get America Covered outreach campaign for Open Enrollment #5 includes consumer-facing information to share about open enrollment deadlines and more. Download posters, social media graphics, fact sheets, community graphics, and more.

  • The Consumer Assistance Coordination Hub (CACH) - through Beyond the Basics, brought to you by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - are a key resource for consumer assistance. CACH was created to support the work of groups that provide enrollment assistance.

  • These plain-language consumer-facing materials compiled by Community Catalyst advertise the upcoming open enrollment period and special enrollment period, emphasizing financial assistance, in-person help and the shortened open enrollment period. These resources also include information consumers will need to enroll, benefits of health coverage and enrollment considerations for particular populations like immigrants.

  • To make the most of the next open enrollment period, enrollment assister organizations can utilize
    volunteers to help spread the word and ensure people enroll in coverage.